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Reputable credit intermediaries without Credit bureau.

Reputable credit intermediaries without Credit bureau help in finding a loan. The credit intermediaries can either take the form of credit calculators, whereby the “intermediary” then exists automatically via the loan comparison, or via direct persons who help potential borrowers to find a loan.

Loan has no additional costs

Loan has no additional costs

In the case of smaller loans, a person who arranges the loan is usually not worthwhile, since these people usually charge a certain percentage of the loan amount or interest burden as fees. Credit comparators or loan calculators, on the other hand, are always worthwhile for borrowers, as this provides a simple and quick overview of the credit market.

This means that interested parties can be sure that they will receive ideal conditions for borrowing without having to independently probe the market for hours and without having to calculate conditions. The use of these loan comparisons is free of charge, since the portals are financed through a commission when the agency is placed. The commission is issued by the lender, so the borrower of the loan has no additional costs or other disadvantages when borrowing.

In this special case, serious credit brokers without Credit bureau provide targeted loans where the borrower’s Credit bureau entry is completely irrelevant. This is not queried in the course of the loan application, therefore a negative Credit bureau does not play a role in assessing the creditworthiness.

Missing Credit bureau must be compensated

Missing Credit bureau must be compensated

Conversely, this does not mean that borrowers receive a “free ticket”. On the contrary, because without the Credit bureau check, the lender will lose a not unimportant factor in evaluating the creditworthiness. This has to be indirectly offset by instead having the borrower with a good fixed income and an open-ended employment contract.

Civil servants are also welcomed as borrowers because the income is above average and the protection against dismissal is very tight. Reputable credit intermediaries without Credit bureau, regardless of whether they appear in the form of a credit calculator or as a “real person”, never charge the borrower in advance. If fees for the placement are due, which is not always the case, they will only be charged once the loan has been successfully applied for. As a result, borrowers are on the safe side for now, and these fees naturally increase the total cost of the loan.

According to this, brokering through a classic credit broker is usually only worthwhile if a larger amount of money is borrowed, where a slightly lower interest rate actually makes a high monetary value. For micro and small loans, a free loan calculator is the better choice, because here, too, you can choose the option to display only Credit bureau-free loans.